Kassunga Mission Project


Kassunga Mission Church is located in St. Jude Lukaya Parish, Masaka Diocese, in Uganda. The original Church at Kassunga Village was founded on May 7, 1970.  It sits on 5 acres of land. This Church was originally constructed with mud and iron sheets, but tragically a storm destroyed it in 1987.

church construction_smOn July 26, 1988, a young priest, Fr. Fuljentius Ssenyonga, who grew up in the Kassunga village, organized the church community of some 1200 and started the foundation for a new brick church building. And they began making all the bricks by hand. Fr. Fulgensio, as they used to call him, died unfortunately in a motorcycle accident on November 23, 1988, as he was riding to Kassunga to monitor the progress of the Church construction work.

The very untimely death of this young priest stalled construction for some time. However, these Christians organized themselves and resumed the Church building program. Funding and thus progress has been very slow. Keep in mind there were no salary earners in the Kassunga community. It has taken them 22 years to build the Church to the stage where we were introduced to it by our own Father John Kazibwe. Pictures sent to us showed the rough brick walls, openings for windows and a door, the dirt floor and that it had no roof. Mass, however, continued to be held in this church.


In 2010 St Paschal decided to form a twinning project with the Kassunga mission. The project has received wide support from our parish. We have to date collected $16,000.00, of a $25,000.00 goal, needed to complete the church. The doors, windows and roof have now been completed and work is starting on the inside to address the floor, altar, pews, etc. The final step will be back outside, to put on the finish facing of brick.

What a blessing this has been for St. Paschal and the Kassunga parish. We believe it is truly the Holy Spirit at work.



Kassunga-inside-picThe inside work including the floor, the altar, and the pews was completed in January. The outside is now completed as well. Saint Paschal Baylon successfully raised the $26,000.00 that was needed to complete the church.  The Bishop John Baptist, the Ordinary of Masaka Diocese, will be there to bless and officially open the church in August of 2012. All the parishioners of St. Paschal's have been invited to the opening.



A Kassunga Phase II project to build a huge underground cistern to collect rain water has been undertaken by the St. Paschal's Twinning Committee. This cistern will be 18 feet deep by 30 feet wide and is being dug by hand with picks and shovels. When completed it will hold 300,000 liters of rain water, collected from the church roof and other school buildings near the church. Presently, everyday at lunch, the students walk 1 1/2 miles to the nearest stream to fetch water for drinking and cooking. The cistern will be a tremendous benefit for the church, the school and the people of Kassunga.



The water cistern has been completed with continued financial support and a great deal of manual labor by the Kassunga parishioners. Included is a gasoline powered pump to feed the water (collected in the cistern) to an overhead storage tank. The tank then gravity feeds water to the church and school. Again we at St. Paschal's have been blessed to be able to help another church and community in such dire need. 


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