Schedule Mass Opening

Mass opening rules below:

Please see below for the instructions that need to be followed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19:

* IMPORTANT: Due to the capacity limit for liturgies, in turn limiting the number of faithful who can attend mass and recognizing, too, that those in a vulnerable category should remain home, Bishop Knestout dispenses all the faithful of the Diocese of Richmond from the obligation to attend mass on Sundays and Holy Days until further notice.

* Parishioners are asked to come early to avoid crowding at the door since you will be ushered to the seats one at a time (one family at a time).

* Ushers will be asking questions regarding a history of cough, fever, shortness of breath, COVID-related syptoms. Please be patient and understanding.

* All present for the liturgy ages 10 and older MUST wear face coverings. Anybody not wearing a mask will not be allowed inside the Church.

* All present are encouraged to use hand sanitizer as they enter the Church.

* Parishioners cannot participate in the singing. If there will be, only 1 cantor is allowed to sing and 1 accompaniment.

* There are markings on the pews where one can be seated. Please use it to follow social distancing inside the Church. Families will be seated together.

* There are ushers to guide you to the seats. Please follow them.

* To receive communion, the ushers will guide you. There will be markings on the floor. Please follow them.

* To maintain social distancing, conversations at the commons is discouraged before and after Mass.

* After Mass, the ushers will guide the parishioners to the exit one pew at a time to follow social distancing and avoid crowding at the door.